MICs Louise Thompson issues health update in brave post

Louise Thompson has shared an update on her mental health with fans as she continues her recovery from PTSD.

The former Made In Chelsea star, 32, has been open with fans on the mental health difficulties she’s been facing following thebirth of her son Leo, in November 2021.

Both Louise and Leo were extremely unwell, withmedics fearing the pair may even die during the traumatic birth.

Thankfully both survived the ordeal, with Leo receiving specialist care in the NICU for several weeks before he was healthy enough to come home.

In a new text post shared to Instagram, Louise shared that she’d made the decision to stop taking her antidepressant medication due to “prominent” side effects and a feeling of “heavy sedation”.

She wrote: “I couldn’t really exercise, I couldn’t wake up in the morning, in truth they affected every aspect of my life.”

The star then added a lengthy caption, detailing her recovery from trauma and how she still has good days and bad days.

Louise wrote: “It’s funny when ‘trauma’ is present you have absolutely zero capacity to care about what other people think of you. It’s one of the only gifts you gain from a horrendous experience. I’ve certainly been more courageous with my writing (and sharing) the intricate details of my life and my mental status since suffering my existential crisis. I guess I felt like I had less to lose.

“Actually at times I truly believed that I had NOTHING to lose. My life was baron. From that perspective I only really had a chance at gaining something positive. Sharing my darkest moments seemed worth the risk – A problem shared, is a problem halved and all that jazz. And I liked helping people.

“I enjoyed connecting with people who shared a mutual understanding of trauma. I liked the comradeship and I felt like I joined a little club, albeit one that NO ONE wants to be part of. Let’s just call it the ‘unlucky members club’.

The star continued her post: “Anyway, now I seem to be catching more breaks from the trauma and I’m recognising more of my former ‘personality’ creep back in – I’ve noticed I feel a smidge more vulnerable when it comes to sharing explicit details of how I'm feeling and how i’m recovering.

“The truth is trauma is complex. I wish it was as easy as just feeling good or bad but unfortunately it’s not that predictable. It’s certainly not linear. A few steps forward can be followed by a giant leap back. But here we are today. And today has been quite ok.

“So I wrote this a little while back and was reluctant to share it because I wanted to show the world that I was doing well. But now I feel a surge of brave energy… and it’s part of my truth. My story.”

Louise’s decision to speak openly about her mental health seems to have helped many of her followers, with many chiming in in the comments to thank her for her honesty.

Influencer Zoe Sugg, who also shares her struggles with mental health, wrote: “Always blown away by your bravery, you have absolutely GOT THIS”.

Meanwhile, one follower wrote: “thank you for your bravery and honesty. I love reading how you navigate your recovery as I’m going through mine too.”

Another person wrote: “You're so brave and inspiring @louise.thompson and you can totally do this.”

Though the star is usually fairly active on social media, she recently took a social media break and enjoyed a getaway to St. Lucia with son Leo and her partner Ryan Libbey.

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