NeNe Leakes Claims Sheree Whitfield Used to Date Jennifer Williams’ Conman Ex

In related news, Jennifer Williams reveals that Sheree has a good relationship with her ex, saying in an interview with NeNe, ‘I did go to a party with him at a party at Sheree’s house.’

AceShowbiz -New details of Jennifer Williams‘s ex Aaron Nichols, whom she accused of stealing her Range Rover, are here. Coming from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star NeNe Leakes, it was said that Sheree Whitfield used to have a romantic relationship with Aaron.

NeNe sparked the wild speculations after she accidentally posted a screencap of a text message which indicated that “Sheree was dating” him while promoting a wig product. In the screenshot, someone said, “Chilllleee I don’t know but they coming thru with receipts,” before adding that “the story gets crazier and crazier.”

Sheree appeared to caught wind of the post as she quickly denied the rumors before it got out of hand. “Thats a mf’en LIE. Sheree aint NEVER date him b clear,” she wrote in the comment section of The Neighborhood Talk’s Instagram post.

The former “RHOA” star went on accusing NeNe of deliberately posted the picture. “also b clear on this aint ish ever accidental when it comes to her! Always calculated! But she got the right one today!”

Fans thought that this was Sheree and NeNe’s plan to get the former back on the show. “Nene and Sheree plotting to get Sheree back on the show,” one convinced fan said. Another user added, “Sheree definitely coming back these producers setting up all of this for season 13.”

In related news, Jennifer Williams revealed that Sheree had a good relationship with her ex. “I did go to a party with him at a party at Sheree’s house. He’s cool with Sheree,” she told NeNe in an interview.

“Hmm. That’s interesting. How she met him?” NeNe asked, to which Jennifer replied, “I don’t know! But they’re cool! She definitely knows him.”

Once again, Sheree reacted hotly to the claims. “ISSA REACH…. #mynameallinYourMouth #HOWdoItaste #Messy #guessyouneedmorecontent #ClickBait #youreachingSis #IgotTime #QuarantineREADY Over the past few days I’ve received an influx of calls and text about some interviews that my name is brought into. I typically dont indulge but… whats good @neneleakes and @jenniferwilliams,” so she wrote on Instagram.

She also said, “the second video is hella shady and implying something negatively with me. Not a good look and I dont appreciate it!…when ur integrity and character is in question sometimes u have to [indulge].”

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