Passenger in Car Who Ran Over & Killed Retired Cop on Bike Arrested

The passenger who was filming and cackling while his buddy struck and killed a man riding his bike has been arrested.

The unnamed suspect was taken into custody Tuesday in Clark County — this according to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, which says they have their man. His identity has yet to be revealed … he’s also a minor — just like his alleged accomplice.

The DAs said on Tuesday the 2 males are expected to be tried as adults, however.

Remember, these two are who cops say are featured in a now notorious video that circulated online … graphically depicting the murder of 64-year-old Andreas Probst, who was simply riding his bicycle down the street when the two guys in the car opted to hit him.

You can hear them talking about it right before they hit the accelerator — the guy driving asks his passenger if he should go for it … and the passenger encourages him to do it.

Probst went flying into the air and was left for dead on the road. The two males in the car — one of whom cops are saying is just a teenager, BTW — can be heard laughing it up as they drive away.

Mind you … right before they ran over Probst, the two had gotten into a separate road rage incident — where they slammed into another car — literally just moments beforehand.

However, authorities now say there was a third incident that went down roughly 30 minutes before all of this … where the 2 teens hit another person on a bike, claiming the passenger was the one behind the wheel this time.

The video has drawn widespread outrage and condemnation … and Vegas PD has since publicly pleaded for help in ID’ing the other dude. Now, police say they have them both.

It remains to be seen if the passenger will face similar charges as the driver — who’s being prosecuted for hit-and-run as well as murder.

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