Paula Patton on Backlash Over Crazy Fried Chicken Recipe: Its Just the Way We Do It

The ‘Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol’ actress comes under fire after she is caught frying the flour-coated chicken pieces before she puts the seasoning on them.

AceShowbizPaula Patton has finally responded to backlash over her fried chicken recipe. While admitting that it was “crazy,” the “2 Guns” actress insisted that she’ll cook chicken that way because “it’s just the way we do it.”

The 46-year-old addressed the debacle through an Instagram video that she shared on Tuesday, April 5. “I’m in Mexico with my son and I woke up and people were like, ‘Did you see on Instagram and TikTok and Twitter they’re talking about the way you fry chicken?’ And I was like, ‘Oh no, what!’ ” she began.

“That’s okay I just wanted to respond and say listen, I get it, it might look crazy, it is the way we do it. My mom taught me it, it’s my mom’s recipe,” Paula explained. She went on to note that she thoroughly washed her chicken although it was not shown completely in the clip.

“It’s all good because everybody’s got their own way of making things. And I’ll take suggestions, I’ll make a new kind of fried chicken, but I’m gonna always make my mom’s chicken the way she did it,” the ex-wife of Robin Thicke stressed. “We put the seasoning in the oil and all that. It’s just the way we do it.”

Paula set the Internet into a frenzy after a video of her frying chicken from last month resurfaced online. In the footage, the “Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol” star could be seen cleaning the chicken with cold water before putting it into a bag of plain flour. She later placed the flour-coated chicken pieces into hot oil and added the seasoning.

Fans were left baffled by the entire steps. One Instagram user in particular opined, “Never in my days have I seen someone season chicken while it’s frying in oil.” Another echoed the sentiment, “Of all my years of being black … I ain’t never ….I mean never heard of seasoning the grease, she seasoned the grease.”

The criticism didn’t stop there. More came forward with one jokingly writing, “Hello 911, I would like to report a crime !!!!!!” Someone else quipped, “No wonder Robin was cheating. Poor man was hungry.” A different user meanwhile, told the actress, “Keep that recipe to yourself.”

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