Piers Morgan ‘choked up’ after moving call with new President Joe Biden amid tragic loss

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America’s new President-Elect Joe Biden, 77, secured victory in the US Election 2020. Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan, 55, has now revealed the moment he received a phone call from the former Vice President following a devastating family tragedy.

Behind the scenes, the new President has suffered tragic losses after a number of heartbreaking events.

The Scranton-born politician tied the knot with first wife Neilia Hunter in 1966, with the pair welcoming three children later on.

The couple soon welcomed sons Beau and Hunter, as well as daughter Naomi.

But tragedy struck after his wife Neilia took their daughter for Christmas shopping.

Neilia and Naomi both tragically died in a car crash during that outing, leaving Joe to raise his three- and four-year-old sons, Beau and Hunter, alone.

Back in 2015, his son Beau, who was 46-years-old, died after a battle with brain cancer.

Piers has now addressed the phone call he received from Joe, who was the Vice President at the time during Barack Obama’s term.

It was two days after Beau’s funeral service which had been televised.

Joe thanked the GMB host for the heartfelt column he had written about his late son.

The new President said to Piers: “I could see that it came from your heart.

“It helped give my family and me great strength at this very difficult time. And I wanted you to hear this from my own voice, so you understand how much it meant to all of us.”

Piers replied: “I meant every word, sir. Your son was a remarkable man.”


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The broadcaster revealed that Joe’s “voice began cracking with emotion” as he talked about the loss of his child.

Joe told him: “There’s no worse thing in the world than losing a child. Nothing.”

Piers recalled: “I could feel myself choking up.

“This was not a conversation I ever expected to have with a Vice President of the United States.”

“I have four children of my own. The mere thought of losing one of them is my worst nightmare,” Piers continued in his column for MailOnline.

He admitted “tears stung my eyes” as he continued his conversation with the former Vice President,

Piers added to Joe: “I honestly don’t know how you cope with something like this, especially after all you’ve been through.”

The new US President finished the call telling Piers to make sure he “hugs his precious children”.


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