Pregnant Marnie Simpson reveals she’s ‘struggling’ to breathe at night and says the baby is moving ‘so much’

Geordie Shore star Marnie Simpson, 27, has said she’s “getting to the point” in her pregnancy where she is finding it hard to sleep.

The reality star looked fed up as she updated her 3.5million Instagram followers about the progress of her first pregnancy and how she had “struggled to breathe” during the night, which stopped her from sleeping.

Marine, who is expecting her first child with boyfriend Casey Johnson, 24, told fans on her Instagram story: “So I did not sleep a wink last night, struggling to breathe, it’s got to that point now.

She added that her boyfriend, Casey, is sleeping fine and said: “Having to watch Casey snoozing away is so frustrating.”

But, she was cheering herself up by satisfying her pregnancy cravings. She said: “I’m craving a bacon roll from Costa, so I’m getting one now.”

She then huffed and added: “I feel like if anyone was to see the state of us now, I look like a zombie.”

Marine then told her fans that the “baby wouldn’t stop moving” and turned the camera to her bump to show fans and said: “It moves so much. Stroking her bump she said: “Look how big it is now, huge!”

She added another video of her belly from a different angle where her tummy can be seen moving up and down and said: “See all the movement? Moving so much did you see that?”

The pregnant star has less than a month left until she is due to give birth to her and Casey’s baby boy and is due to give birth on 16 October.

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The reality star has well documented her pregnancy on her social media platforms since announcing the exciting news in an exclusive shoot with OK! magazine in April.

Marine has been very vocal about her struggles with her confidence with her changing body.

In a candid post earlier this month, Marnie revealed she feels it’s “almost impossible to feel sexy” after gaining two stone during her pregnancy.

Writing alongside the image, Marnie admitted: “Over 2 stone heavier right now! and it’s almost impossible to feel sexy but this outfit is definitely doing its best to get me there.”

The stunning Geordie lass also revealed she “constantly feels stressed and hormonal” last month.

Counting down the weeks until she was due to welcome her little boy at the time, Marnie told her followers: “Almost 33 weeks and have to say I’m really struggling now, constantly feeling stressed and hormonal.

“All this extra weight is really affecting my ankles, the heartburn is legit nothing like I’ve ever experienced. I can’t wait until my little boy is in my arms I feel this last but is dragging.”

Despite having some struggles through her pregnancy, Marnie said she has enjoyed getting her home prepared for her new arrival.

She shared a photo of herself posing on a large bed and wrote n the caption: “Nesting has been the highlight of my maternity time off! Actually enjoyed it.”

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