Prince Charles Will Not "Willingly Step Down from His Destiny" to Let Prince William Be King

As you likely know even if you only have a bb fledgling interest in the royal family, Prince Charles is next in line to be King. Followed by Prince William, Prince George, and then Princess Charlotte, etc, etc!

Here’s the thing, though: Apparently there’s been some speculation that Charles (who’s already 71) will step aside and let William be the monarch. But according to royal author Robert Lacey, who’s served as historian on The Crown, Charles will not “willingly step down from his destiny” to be King—even though William might be better suited to step into the Queen’s shoes.

“There is such loyalty and respect for the Queen,” Lacey said on Good Morning Britain, via The Daily Mail. “When we look to the future and say who could duplicate that in the future, could it be King Charles and Queen Camilla? Or would it much better be William and Kate who are already the focus of enormous popularity and are clearly stepping into the role of future sovereign.”

He also said, “I myself don’t think [Charles] would willingly step down from the destiny he has waited for so long.”

TBD on what happens with the order of succession, but as of now The Queen shows no signs of slowing down with her royal duties.

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