Really struggle Bradley Walsh to undergo surgery as The Chase host talks health battle

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Bradley Walsh has said he is due to have surgery amid his secret health battle with blepharitis. The Chase host admitted he “really struggles” with the condition which affects his eyes.

The 61-year-old opened up about his health in an interview where he addressed his diagnosis that causes inflammation of the eyelids.

The Chase favourite has been told that he will require surgery in a bid to treat the condition.

Addressing his health on This Morning, Bradley explained that he is currently taking medication to subside his symptoms.

He added that he would need to “sort it out” at some point as he talked about undergoing an operation.

“People don’t realise I have seriously bad blepharitis. I have to take one pill a day for it or I really struggle,” Bradley explained.

“I am going to need my eyes operated on at some point to sort it out.”

The Chase presenter went on to explain that the condition has also affected his appearance.

“So many times people have commented on how I look, but they don’t realise,” said Bradley, The Sun reported.

“If I take medication, though, I’m fine,” he insisted. “People don’t realise I have seriously bad blepharitis.”

Blepharitis causes red, swollen and itchy eyelids and can be caused by bacteria living on the skin or a skin condition like dermatitis.

While blepharitis isn’t usually considered serious, the condition can lead to conjunctivitis, dry eyes and cysts if not treated properly, according to the NHS.

During a flare up, Bradley revealed he can suffer from swollen eyes, with his eyes usually becoming itchy and red.


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His admission comes after he was recently urged to “get fit” after his cholesterol levels were too high.

The small-screen star’s father died from heart disease when he was 59 years old, with Bradley admitting turning 60 was a milestone for him.

He explained that he had always had a “hang up” over the death of his father at a young age.

“I had a hang-up because of my father, Daniel, died at the age of 59,” he told The Sun on Sunday.

“I had it in the back of my mind that I just had to get past my dad’s age.”

He continued: “So, turning 60 was a bit of a milestone… I was a time bomb.

“I produced too much cholesterol. It’s a silent killer. My heart guy said, ‘Look Brad, you need to get fit.'”

The former Coronation Street star revealed he is boxing and has lost about a stone and half in weight.

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