Ronnie Wood Doesn’t Mind Daughters Date Wild Rock Star Like Him

The Rolling Stones member suggests he would give his blessings if little Gracie Jane and Alice Rose choose to date a wild rock musician like him when they grow up.

AceShowbizRonnie Wood would be happy for his young daughters to date a rock wild man like him later in life as he doesn’t feel he treated women “unfairly.”

The Rolling Stones rocker’s colourful love life has often made headlines, infamously leaving his second wife Jo for 19-year-old Ekaterina Ivanova in 2008, and he was also cautioned by police over a domestic incident in 2009.

The 73 year old has since quit booze and settled down with current wife Sally Humphreys, 42, with whom he shares four-year-old twin girls, Gracie Jane and Alice Rose. Speaking to British newspaper The Times, the guitarist insisted he wouldn’t mind them dating a rock star like him when they grow up – despite his wild ways.

“To be honest, I don’t think they would go far wrong if they met someone like me,” he said. “I haven’t treated women unfairly. I haven’t been violent. Everyone I have been with has really enjoyed the ride and we’ve had a good time together, and then it has been time to get off the bus.”

He does, however, admit he has changed for the better since meeting Sally, and regards his new family as a “second chance” after battling alcohol problems while his first four kids grew up.

“Sally has put a totally different slant on my life,” the musician explains, adding of his twins, “They are so lovely. So rewarding. It’s not anything I had planned, but they came and it was like having a second chance.”

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