Royal Fans SLAM Meghan Markle’s Birthday Message To Prince George!

Wow, is Meghan Markle really down to disrespect the future King of England? Or are some fans of the Royal family a little too eager to bash its newest member??

(Sorry, second newest member. Hey, Archie!)

The latest controversy surrounding the Duchess of Sussex seems entirely in the hearts and minds of Instagram commenters… or is it?

Kensington Royal, the official IG account of Prince William and Kate Middleton, shared a series of birthday posts for six-year-old Prince George on Sunday, including this one:

So sweet!

Photos: More Of Prince George’s Birthday Portraits

There were indeed thousands of lovely bday wishes. It was one sentiment in particular that has folks looking sidelong.

Sussex Royal, the account of Meghan and Prince Harry, posted on the pic:

“Happy Birthday ??! Wishing you a very special day and lots of love!”

What could anyone possibly pick apart from such a simple, lovely message as that?

It’s not what’s there, it’s what isn’t there.

Many took issue with the fact Meghan didn’t refer to His Royal Highness by his official title — HRH or PRINCE — or indeed even use his name.

Seriously, check out some of the 800+ comments on Meg’s message:

He is the future KING. Treat him with respect. He is HRH!!!!!!!!!

He is HRH Prince George to you!!!! Don’t forget to mention!

well it’s simply because they know better. There’s a way and that’s just how you do things. When you choose not to then people notice. And can’t even say his name? Come on that’s so bitter-sounding.

when she want to use her title, than sje has to do the same with others.He is not just nephew, he is her next king! She is really dying that her Archie will never have a title?

SHAME ON YOU HARRY. Your name is on that account too!

Yeah. There’s a LOT of that.

They really think she’s purposely breaking some sort of etiquette to slight a six-year-old.

Why? Because she’s jealous Archie isn’t in line for the throne? Because she hates Kate and Wills??

That doesn’t even make any sense! In fact, from what we’ve heard Meghan and Kate are actually getting on quite nicely these days!

Isn’t it possible they’re sending sincere wishes to their nephew whom they love? It’s awkward using titles when speaking directly to someone you actually know and love.


What do YOU think about all this, Perezcious readers? Do folks just want to think the worst of Meghan or what??

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