Sarah Beeny disappoints fans over future of Channel 4 series New Life in the Country

Sarah Beeny discovers a leak in her new house

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Sarah Beeny’s latest series of New Life In The Country captured the attention millions of people up and down the country, however it all came to an end on Tuesday night. But she had to break the news to some viewers who weren’t aware it was the series finale, and were eager to see more next week.

That’s the end of the series

Sarah Beeny

The show details the lives of her family as they adjust to moving into their stunning Somerset farmhouse in the heart of the country.

Taking to Twitter, she wrote: “Last episode of #SarahBeenyNewLife starting now – it’s a bit of a finale!!”

As fans rushed to congratulate her on another successful programme, @fificook hoped there would be more.

“It’s such a brilliant programme. I hope there is going to be another series,” she crossed her fingers.

@PStandall however, appeared to have not understood that the show had come to an end of now, and replied to Sarah: “It’s sooooo good…

“Do we get to see the whole outside landscaped next week??”

The TV star had to reiterate that sadly there wouldn’t be, but thanked them for their loyalty.

“That’s the end of the series,” she penned.

“Thanks so much for watching.”

While many were overjoyed to see Sarah back on their screens again, the show was recently slammed by some critics, which forced her to fire back.

Some had argued that the presenter is “tone deaf” for showing off her new home when many families are struggling from the aftermath of the pandemic.

Some criticism was geared towards her sons Charlie and Billy, who branded themselves the “Entitled Sons”, the new name of their band which they decided upon in last week’s episode.

They also admitted they were born with “silver spoons” in their mouths.

Shortly after the episode aired, Sarah took to Twitter to reply to a follower who told her she loved the tongue-in-cheek name despite the backlash surrounding it.

@Lesley57523429 wrote: “..I love the name of the band….made me laugh out loud…sod the critics.”

Sarah responded, saying that she laughed a lot when her boys came up with the name.

She said, in full: “Made me laugh too when they thought of it!!

“It’s made me smile a lot at some of the tweets on here too!!!”

The tweet was sent out to Sarah’s 143,600 followers and also sparked some more compliments for the show.

@KiKimiles1 put: “I love the band name and I really loved the way Billy (I think it was?) said ‘well, they’re all going to be saying it anyway, so let’s get in there first!’ Brilliant!”

@KateSmith999 also wrote: “Haven’t looked, but I knew you’d get a load of undeserved abuse.

“You’ve worked hard, your boys are lovely & well brought up, they know they are lucky. Entertaining programme – all good!”

Contrary to the opinions of many critics, DianeB13016619 said: “Love the programme and what handsome, clever, well mannered boys you have.

“Great name for the band. Look forward to next week’s show. Hope the ducks are doing well.”

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