Shanna Moakler DENIES Being An Absent Mother: 'One Day My Children Will See…'

Shanna Moakler is coming to her own defense!

We’re not sure how long tensions have been brewing between her and her kids, Landon Barker and Alabama Baker (her oldest daughter, Atiana De La Hoya, has stayed out of the drama so far), but Kourtney Kardashian entering the picture doesn’t seem to have helped matters. While Alabama is said to have a super close relationship with Kourt, she’s been throwing a TON of shade at her own mom via social media lately.

The 15-year-old first took their troubles public by lip syncing to a Kehlani song on TikTok, and things got even more contentious from there. Landon responded to a comment on another TikTok claiming the model “has never been in our lives and isn’t there for us like our dad is.” Meanwhile, his sister went a step further and started exposing messages from Shanna on her Instagram Story (including one that alleged an affair between Travis Barker and Kim Kardashian back in the day).

Now, the former Miss USA has addressed this harsh criticism from her kids directly. Speaking with People, she shared:

“The claims of being absent from my children’s lives are false and incredibly hurtful. Co-parenting is hard, but I have always and will continue to prioritize my children’s happiness and well-being.”

She added:

“I refuse to involve them in a vindictive parenting competition where feelings are bound to get hurt. Encouraging relationships with both parents is a duty on both mother and father. I know one day my children will see through the fame and money machine they have been thrust into and realize their mother loves and will always be there for them.”

Hmm. It seems like Shanna’s putting the blame on the Blink-182 alum for this family feud! We can see where her children get their talent for throwing shade. (Though we must admit, giving a statement to the media directly addressing your kids’ claims does seem to be “involving” them, at least a little.)

Unfortunately, it’s clearly going to take more time to heal this rift. Earlier this week, Alabama posted another TikTok lip syncing to Barking by Ramz (check it out HERE), with the caption:

“I cut off family too. They do you the dirtiest.”

Presumably she’s talking about her mom here — and we did notice that the teen is not following Shanna on Instagram, so it does seem like Alabama has cut her off, at least publicly.

It’s sad to see this all play out in public, and we hope this family can at least come to better terms soon. We wish them all the best.

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