Shaq takes over mosh pit at EDM festival Tomorrowland in Belgium

Shaquille O’Neal — who has spun his basketball stardom into a DJ career in recent years — isn’t content to stay in the booth during his music gigs.

After headlining a set at the recent EDM festival Tomorrowland in Belgium, 47-year-old Shaq hopped into the crowd and took over the mosh pit.

In video from the festival, the 7-foot-1 former NBA player is seen grooving along with his fans, with a huge smile plastered on his face.

Last year, Shaq — who goes by DJ Diesel in the EDM world— told us of his vibe at shows: “Deejaying brings me back to my playing days. When I am up on stage in front of 100,000 people at a festival, it’s Game 7. The energy is just wild and I get competitive. I need to throw down the best set possible.”

Mission accomplished!

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