Shes never going to speak to me again! Sophia Lorens appearance mocked by Joan Collins

Joan Collins discusses Judi Dench being 'skinny' to Chris Evans

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Joan Collins is releasing her My Unapologetic Diaries later this month. Her latest offering sees her candidly share her thoughts on everyone from Donald Trump to Debbie Reynolds, based on diary entries she started recording in 1996.

When I saw that written down I did say, ‘Is that rude?’

Joan Collins

The 88-year-old has dedicated a section to the “terrible teeth” she has seen in Beverly Hills.

In it the Dynasty legend comments on Sophia Loren’s pearly whites, but is not exactly flattering.

Joan claims they “look like they have been carved out of ivory”.

Speaking in a new interview today, she addressed her remarks and her nature to be “non-diplomatic”.

When asked about Sophia, 87, the mother-of-three said she did question what she’d said.

“When I saw that written down I did say, ‘Is that rude?’

“She’s still alive,” Joan stated.

“But it’s not as if we’re bosom buddies and she’s never going to speak to me again. And it’s true!”

During the chat with the Daily Mail, Joan asked the publishing PR if she thinks such comments will be put down to “b***hiness”.

“Well, then maybe my editor should have been a bit more…” she trailed off, according to the publication.

The screen legend when on to say you “can’t say anything these days without being cancelled”.

Questioning what she’s “allowed” to comment on, the Golden Globe winner said she takes after her dad.

She stated: “I’m not kow-towing to cancel culture. Can’t say this, can’t say that.

“I’m like my father [the late theatrical agent Joe Collins] in that regard.

“Non-diplomatic. I think it’s a Gemini thing.”

Joan says she admired the late Prince Philip for “saying things he thought even if they offended”.

This isn’t the first time the athor and columnist has referenced Sophia.

In a chat published in 2018, Joan said the pair did cross paths.

Referring to some big names, she told the Guardian: “Sophia Loren, who I still see sometimes in Europe. Brigitte Bardot – well I spend a lot of time in St Tropez, but I never see her, she’s like a recluse.”

My Unapologetic Diaries by Joan Collins will be released on October 14.

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