Soleil Moon Frye Says 3 Of Her Kids Have COVID-19 – & She Had No Idea!

Soleil Moon Frye wants you to learn from her family’s experience with COVID-19.

This week, the Punky Brewster star took to Instagram to urge parents to get their kids tested for coronavirus if they start to show symptoms. She explained that three out of her four children have tested positive for the coronavirus — something she never would have known if she didn’t get one of her sons tested.

Captioning the August 1 snap of herself alongside her four kids — Poet, 15, Jagger, 13, Lyric, 7, and Story, 5 –who she shares with ex Jason Goldberg, the 44-year-old said she “thought son had a cold or a fever,” but had him tested for COVID-19 at the suggestion of their doctor.

When her son got a positive test result, Soleil canceled a scheduled work trip and rushed back home — where she learned that two of her other kids had also tested positive. She wrote:

“I have felt so many emotions these past days. I want to protect my babies, love them, make them all better, take away the burning fever and tummy aches. I have tried to smile through the fear and nurture them. I have shed many tears. It has brought up a lot for me.”

The ‘90s star acknowledged that while it’s been a rough time for their family, she’s still thankful for their “health and well-being,” adding:

“I know how incredibly fortunate we are. My kids have been able to heal together and support each other through this, we have a doctor we trust, and hospitals close by. We are able to lean on one another. My heart breaks for the lives that have been lost and knowing how so many do not have the same things that we have or the chance to be with their loved ones throughout this.”

The actress also expressed her thanks to the frontline workers and doctors working during the pandemic, writing:

“I continue to have the deepest respect for all of the caretakers on the frontlines, doctors, health workers, and volunteers, I have more love and compassion for single parents, grand parents, aunts, uncles, friends, and extended families that come together and jump in when needed.”

As for how her kids contracted the virus, Soleil admitted she’s still unsure — but explained the uncertainty merely shows just how much we still don’t know about the coronavirus. She concluded her post:

“I still don’t know where my three kids caught this from. All of us that have been around them have tested negative. That is part of the mystery in this. How hard it is often to trace and how easy it is to spread. Please be safe. Much love to you all.”

Get better soon, kids!

Take a look at Soleil’s full post (below).


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