Soulja Boy Curses Out Lil Yachty, Drake Over Streaming Dominance

Soulja Boy isn’t down to sit back and let his laundry list of “rapper firsts” be disrespected — so he’s going off on Lil Yachty for making what he considers treasonous remarks.

Yachty recently claimed he and Post Malone were the first rappers to adopt streaming on Twitch … an erroneous statement, because SB’s been on Twitch since 2013 as opposed to Yachty’s 2016 entry date.

Waiting for your permission to load TikTok Post.

Soulja hopped on IG Live and gave Yachty a mouthful of disses while flashing stacks of cash in the camera to remind the red-haired rapper he comes from old money. He also threw in some homophobic slurs, referencing Yachty’s painted nails.

Drake didn’t escape the wrath either, as SB warned he too was skating on thin ice … but he didn’t explain that beef any further.

Drake and SB haven’t had much interaction lately, but the “Crank Dat” rapper landed one of the biggest “Breakfast Club” moments when he dissed Champagne Papi in the name of Pusha T several years ago … 20 million views and counting.

Barking at the competition is what SB does — we’ll see if the ‘Dogs’ take him seriously.

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