Soulja Boy Vows to Be a Changed Man After Jail, Kicks Out Friends From Home

After being released from prison last week, the ‘Crank That’ rapper allegedly is re-evaluatuing whom he wanted to trust and hang around with after being released from jail.

AceShowbizSoulja Boy has learned his lesson after being released from jail. A new report suggests that his three-month stint behind bars in L.A. County Jail serves as an “eye-opening” experience for the “Crank That” rapper.

An insider, who claims to be close to Soulja, reveals to TMZ that the spitter is planning to cut people off and cut off his time on social media, including Twitter and Instagram, now that he’s gained his freedom. In doing so, Soulja reportedly kicks a bunch of his friends out of his crib in the San Fernando Valley.

It is the same house which was robbed by a group of thieves although it was locked. Not stopping there, the thieves hacked into the rapper’s Instagram Live and bragged about their deed, making off with over $700,000 in jewelry, money, and other personal items. Big Draco was in jail at the time, though he had assigned a caretaker to watch over his house and when the robbery happened, he believed that it was an inside job.

With that being said, the rapper might want to re-evaluate whom he wanted to trust and hang around with after being released from jail.

Soulja was released from prison on Sunday, July 14 just before 2 A.M. PT three months after living behind bars for a probation violation. He was originally sentenced to 240 days in prison back in April, but he was released nearly five months early due to “a combination of good behavior, time served and overcrowding” at the facility. He must complete 265 days of community service.

Back in February, Soulja was arrested following a police raid on his Aguora Hills, California home, where cops found ammunition during an investigation into claims he tied up an ex-girlfriend and held her captive in his garage. The “Pretty Boy Swag” rapper was not allowed to be in possession of ammunition due to stipulations of his probationary period. Soulja also failed to complete the court-mandated community service that was paired with his probation.

Soulja could actually be sentenced for two years behind bars, but the judge ultimately decided to sentence him to 240 days. Additionally, his kidnapping case was rejected by prosecutors. Last month, the Ventura County District Attorney’s Office decided not to move forward with the accusations due to “insufficient evidence” and would conclude the investigation.

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