Sources Reveal How Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's Exes Felt About Their Wedding(s)

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are officially married (again) thanks to tying the knot in Georgia over the weekend. The guests wore all-white! Everyone came away with a personalized tote bag! It was a whole romantic thing!

And if you’re wondering how their exes feel about all ^ of ^ the ^ above ^ sources have officially spilled. An insider tells Entertainment Tonight that “Marc Anthony and Jen Garner have been supportive” of Bennifer’s wedding and that “there’s been no bad blood or hard feelings as of late.” Plus, the source made it clear that everyone’s “main goal is to always keep their children happy, and they all feel aligned on that.”

Mission accomplished because “the kids get along well, and Ben’s kids love Jen, and Jen’s kids adore Ben.”

Ben and Jen haven’t shared details of their wedding just yet (*obsessively checks On the JLo*), but the source says they were “elated the entire weekend” and were “so excited to have formally shared this bonding experience with their closest friends and family. They are just so thrilled to spend the rest of their lives together. They truly and authentically feel like they were destined to be together. They take so much pride in that.”

This marriage has obviously been a long time coming. Ben and Jen were previously engaged allllll the way back in 2002, and called off their wedding shortly before it was due to take place. They eventually went their separate ways (I blame Gigli) but 20 years later they’re back at it with the happiest of endings.

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