‘Survivor’ 2020 Theme Revealed – Past Winners Are Returning!

Survivor‘s 40th season theme has just been announced and superfans are gonna love this one!

This upcoming season will be titled Winners at War and feature fan fave past winners of the reality show. There is a twist and it is the same as Edge of Extinction‘s twist where contestants who are voted off could perhaps return to the game.

The contestants for the upcoming season include Rob “Boston Rob” Mariano (winner of Redemption Island in 2011), Sandra Diaz-Twine (winner of Pearl Islands in 2003 and Heroes vs. Villains in 2010), Amber Mariano (winner of All Stars in 2011), Parvati Shallow (winner of Fans vs. Favorites in 2012), Tony Vlachos (winner of Cagayan in 2014), Sarah Lacina (winner of Game Changers in 2017), Ethan Zohn (winner of Africa in 2002), Yul Kwon (winner of Cook Islands in 2006), and more.

The new season will debut on February 12 on CBS!

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