Susanna Reid in ‘emotionally challenging’ position as she holds back ‘tears’ while filming

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Susanna Reid, 49, has admitted that working on her ITV documentary Death Row’s Women that saw her come face to face with child murderer Darlie Routier in a Texas prison, was difficult as she “quietly missed” her boys. The GMB host shared that it was tough to sit opposite a woman who had “killed her offspring” and she evan began to feel “nauseous” about the situation.

Susanna shared: “Darlie isn’t the first murderer I’ve faced, but interacting with a mother who has done the most unnatural thing in the world is one of the most emotionally challenging situations I’ve ever been in for work. 

“And the case is far from clear cut.

“Now 50, Darlie has always protested her innocence — and there are many who support her assertions that an intruder killed her sons.

“They range from her ex-husband and surviving son, now 25, to the friends who say she has been wrongly painted as a sadistic killer and the experienced appeals lawyer who says no one will ever convince him of her guilt,” she added.

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