The Cambridges & Prince Andrew are beefing about Adelaide Cottage?

As we discussed on Monday, it seems that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have likely settled on a new home in Windsor. They’ve been talking about their move to Windsor for a year now, and it continues to be the weirdest thing. You would think, hey, William is the second in line to the throne, surely he would have his pick of lavish royal properties. But the Queen and Prince Charles really seem to be fighting the Cambridges on this. The Keens wanted Fort Belvedere, and it feels like they got told no. They wanted Royal Lodge, Prince Andrew’s home, and they were told no. They wanted Frogmore House and I think they were told no. So now they’re focused on Adelaide cottage, which is basically just the size of a nice family home. Not terribly grand, not the most top-notch royal property. And even then, it looks like there are problems. One problem in particular: Prince Andrew had earmarked Adelaide Cottage for Princess Eugenie.

Prince Andrew is at the centre of a new royal row over claims his family want a grace and favour home for one of his daughters. The Duke of York has long coveted several royal residences as well as the security of royal life for his children, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.

Now it appears his youngest, new mum Eugenie, 32, has made advances of her own to take over Adelaide Cottage, just a few minutes’ walk from the Queen’s private apartments at Windsor Castle. But the Yorks’ plans may soon be scuppered, as they face coming up against the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge who are planning a move to Berkshire to be nearer the Queen.

Prince William and wife Kate have been looking for a new home after deciding to leave London behind, meaning they will vacate their stunning 20 room apartment within Kensington Palace home in favour of living in the Berkshire countryside. Sources have confirmed two most likely options for the Cambridges and their three young children – Prince George, eight, Princess Charlotte, seven and Prince Louis, two – are Adelaide Cottage or the vastly impressive Fort Belvedere, also on the Windsor estate.

Other sources have dismissed speculation the family are looking at a private residence, with one remarking “it would be neither appropriate nor a good look to spend millions on a private home”.

A royal insider said: “The situation could very well become an issue in the near future. The Duke of York has made no secret in the past of his firm held belief that his children should be treated no differently to Princes William and Harry, despite his daughters not being working royals. The word is Eugenie is also trying to find somewhere to live and would like to settle in Windsor.”

A source said: “This is yet another example of the Duke of York and indeed the York family’s levels of entitlement, it’s extraordinary.”

[From The Daily Mirror]

I mean… Andrew can “want” certain royal properties for his daughters, that doesn’t mean he’s going to get his way. Princess Beatrice doesn’t even have a royal grace-and-favour country home – Beatrice and Edo reportedly bought their own private Cotswolds home last year, although who knows where the money came from. There’s a reason why Eugenie and Jack are subletting Frogmore Cottage – because they haven’t been offered something better, and the Queen and Charles have clearly not been persuaded to give them something better. Charles is unlikely to ever give anything to the York princesses. So… what is this story really? A wedge between the Cambridges and Yorks? Or something else? If you told me that William and Kate are mad that they’re being shoved into a relatively minor cottage, I’d believe you. I think this whole “moving to Windsor” thing is a huge cover for some major sh-t going down across the board.

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