The Duggars Most Awkward Televised Moments: Josh Sings! Ben Seewald Raps! We Cringe!

Every reality TV family struggles to perfect the same tricky balancing act:

How to share enough information with the world to make for compelling viewing, while at the same time, not giving away too much of your personal life?

This is particularly difficult in the case of the Duggar clan, as their carefully-curated public image is based almost entirely on secrets and lies.

That's how we wind up with so many episodes based on scavenger hunts, and craft projects, and other boring crap that's clearly staged for the cameras.

But every once in a while, the Duggars let their guards down and allow an honest, unscripted moment to make it to air.

And that's how we wound up with these cringe-worth scenes.

Enjoy, and try not to die of second-hand embarassment!

1.A Family Tradition

2.Sad Fact

3.No Getting Around It

4.Josh on the Spot

5.Josh's Proposal

6.Just the Beginning

7.Josh Sings to Anna

8.Sadly, There's More …

9.Big Yikes

10.A Brief, Legendary Career

11.A Living Legend

12.The Talent Never Ends!

13.Not Much of a Stretch

14.What an Ass!

15.Keeping It Crazy

16.Hopping On the Ark

17.Classic Duggars

18.The Hits Just Keep on Coming!

19.Joy-Anna and Austin Aren't Too Bright

20.Keep Austin Weird

21.Jinger and Jeremy Cross the Line

22.Some Sound Advice

23.C'mon, Jim Bob

24.A Master of the Form

25.Brace Yourselves

26.Josh Duggar Incest Joke

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