The Waless chemistry is ideal the future of the monarchy largely depends on it

Wimbledon coverage is so enjoyable for me because it’s a perfect Venn diagram of my overlapping interests – royalty, tennis and celebrities. I love when tennis drama or celebrity drama invades royal coverage and vice versa. I loved when there was a story about Priyanka Chopra “snubbing” the Princess of Wales. I loved when a joke-tweet about Kate being “drunk” at Wimbledon went viral last year. And I loved how many tennis-watchers noticed that all is not well in Prince William and Kate’s marriage. This year, there were several high-profile comments about how William and Kate looked sort of miserable with each other at the men’s final. They used Charlotte and George as buffers, they barely acknowledged each other and their body language screams “we don’t even live together.” The vibe is well and truly “off.” Which is why the royal media has been in a rush to make it sound like there’s nothing to see here, folks.

Prince William was ‘happy to let Kate Middleton take centre stage’ at Wimbledon as they have ‘struck the perfect balance in public’, a royal expert has claimed. Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams told FEMAIL that Prince William and Kate Middleton’s dynamic at Wimbledon shows how they ‘work superbly as a team’. When the couple arrived at SW19, the Prince of Wales was pictured walking behind his wife and children – with Kate leading the group while holding Charlotte’s hand. What’s more, Kate also led the family into the Royal Box – while Prince William followed Prince George.

Commenting on the family’s engagement yesterday, Richard said: ‘The Prince and Princess of Wales work superbly as a team. Catherine was centre stage because she is Patron of the All England Lawn Tennis Club. A tennis enthusiast herself, the role is ideal for her. There is no question that Catherine radiated confidence. It has been a delight to see this grow over the years.’

The expert then went on to highlight how the Prince and Princess of Wales don’t try to outshine each other in public – something that is believed to have been an issue in King Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage. Richard continued: ‘There is no comparison whatever to the desperately unhappy relationship between Charles and Diana and the perfect balance William and Catherine have struck both publicly and privately. She was the Patron and presented the trophy and the runners up plate and was centre stage, [Prince William] seemed totally relaxed without an official role.’

He continued: ‘They enjoy competing in games for fun and often do when on tour to the delight of their hosts, but they do not compete with each other. This was a glorious Wimbledon final and the Waleses were undoubtedly happy to be a pivotal part of it given Catherine’s role as Patron. Their chemistry together is ideal, it is also imperative that it is, as the future of the monarchy largely depends on it.’

[From The Daily Mail]

Oof – “Their chemistry together is ideal, it is also imperative that it is, as the future of the monarchy largely depends on it.” The royal reporters are like: we’re trying as hard as we can to put a bow on this mess because the whole thing falls apart if the Wales marriage collapses. Not even two weeks ago, William truly ran away from his wife when she tried to touch him at a polo match. He also looked like he despised her when she tried to grope his ass at the Scottish coronation. And now William and Kate looked like miserable strangers at Wimbledon and now we’re supposed to believe that’s a good thing, that William needs to be three seats away from Kate, lest she try to grope him on camera again?

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