This Is What Signaled Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez’s Split

According to experts, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s 2021 split was a long time coming. It was expected by some. but a shock to others. MLB fans and fans of Jlo’s music remember the joyful engagement announcement from 2019 when A-Rod got down on one knee and gave his longtime girlfriend a massive engagement ring. This wasn’t the pop star’s first trip around the block either; JLo already had three failed marriages with the pop star had been married three times previously to Cris Judd, Ojani Noa, and Marc Antony, under her belt and one canceled engagement with Ben Affleck.

A-Rod had also come from a fairly complicated divorce from his ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis, so he didn’t necessarily have the best track record for relationship longevity. Nevertheless, the couple seamlessly blended their families, businesses, and property ventures, but, like most whirlwind romances, the story of JLo and A-Rod didn’t end well.

Rumors of infidelity and a painful breakup hit the stands at the beginning of 2021. The couple finally confirmed the stories in a joint statement later that year. As we said, some were surprised, but others weren’t. According to sources close to the stars, there was one turning point in the relationship from which the couple couldn’t recover. Here’s what we know.

Alex Rodriguez wasn't thinking about Jennifer Lopez

When Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez got together, they moved fast. The couple quickly combined their families, purchased property, and embarked on a few business ventures together. Though they officially confirmed their split in April 2021, insiders close to the couple told Page Six that the writing had been on the wall for months. Apparently, the death knell came in the form of Rodriguez’s decision to purchase the Minnesota Timberwolves with a friend rather than with JLo.

“It was clear they had split when she wasn’t in the Timberwolves deal like she was in the Mets bid — maybe she didn’t want to move to Minnesota,” the unnamed source told the outlet, referring to the couples unsuccessful attempt to purchase the New York Mets together in 2020.

The source seemed to think that Lopez wouldn’t want to relocate to Minnesota (after all, it does get pretty cold). “She would have added a lot more glamour to the team. But when you own a team, you have to be in the city — you have to be there, you have to go to every game,” they said. Another source told the outlet that just because Lopez and Rodriguez are no longer together, it doesn’t mean they don’t plan to continue their businesses together. “They love working together.”

“They’ve built something really unique together,” the insider added. “The success of their business partnerships and goals are important to them.”

TBH, that’s a refreshing twist on a messy celebrity split.

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