Thought I was dodgy! Loose Womens Kaye Adams stopped by police at COP26 over behaviour

Loose Women: Kaye Adams walks off set before ad break

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Loose Women presenter Kaye Adams has taken to social media to tell fans that she was stopped by a policeman today for acting “dodgy” while recording from outside of the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland. The Scottish star, 56, explained that the police officer thought she was acting “surreptitiously” while she was walking around and recording from outside the venue today.

Never been accused of that before!

Kaye Adams

In view of her 115,000 followers, the ITV panellist showcased the outside of the Scottish Event Campus.

Kaye panned around the outside of the event, which showed plenty of people milling around along with the turnstiles, which had been installed for security measures.

The star wrote: “Great to see people from all over the world”, alongside #COP26.

Panning the venue she added: “Amazing to think the future of the planet is being discussed behind these turnstiles…”

However, the star then revealed that she had been stopped by a police officer, who thought she was acting strangely.

Revealing that there were plenty of law enforcers at the venue, Kaye admitted that she was “concerned” when she was approached by the police officer.

“Just slightly concerned to be stopped and questioned by a plain clothes police officer who thought I was dodgy…” she penned alongside two shocked face emojis.

Another clip she posted showed policemen in high-vis jackets monitoring the conference.

Kaye also took to Twitter, where she explained that it was the first time she had been “accused” of acting in a suspicious manner.

She told her 81,000 followers: “Just got stopped and questioned by a plain clothes police officer near #COP26 for acting ‘surreptitiously’.

“Never been accused of that before!”

Responding to Kaye’s tweet, John Stepk asked the TV star whether she was acting “surreptitiously”.

She replied: “Secretive filming apparently. I had my secretive iPhone in my secretive hand.”

Another of the star’s followers Bruce Devlin asked the ITV presenter what it was that she had been wearing.

Jokingly, Kaye replied: “A Spiderman outfit.

“What’s your point caller?” she added, alongside a laughing face emoji.

COP26 is a global United Nations summit on climate change, looking at the different ways that countries can help to tackle it.

The event was postponed from last November due to the coronavirus pandemic.

COP26 is taking place in Glasgow, Scotland, between October 31 and November 12 and has been hailed as the most significant climate change event since the 2015 Paris Agreement.

The conference sees 197 states involved and the UK says it wants countries to be more ambitious than they were in the previous Paris Climate Treaty.

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