Tiger Woods Says Erica Herman Is Not Sexual Abuse Victim, Just 'Jilted Ex-Girlfriend'

Tiger Woods claims Erica Herman is no victim of sexual abuse … saying in new court documents, obtained by TMZ Sports, she’s simply “a jilted ex-girlfriend.”

Woods filed the docs on Monday morning … in response to Herman saying a non-disclosure agreement she had with the golfing legend should be declared unenforceable under the federal Speak Out Act, which allows someone to get around an NDA if a dispute involving sexual assault or sexual harassment arises following the initial agreement.

Tiger Woods' Ex-GF Suing for $30 Million After He Kicks Her Out of House

Tiger Woods' Ex-GF Suing for $30 Million After He Kicks Her Out of House

Woods says in the docs Herman has no right to invoke the federal statute … because she’s never alleged in her filings Woods committed any sexual wrongdoing.

In fact, Woods says in the $30 million lawsuit she filed — the one where she alleged Woods booted her from their home and broke an “oral tenancy agreement” they had — she checked the box for “NO” when asked “does this case involve allegations of sexual abuse.”

Woods claims Herman is just using the law as a way to litigate her claims publicly in court — and get around the NDA that was supposed to force her disputes to be heard in a private arbitration hearing.

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“Ms. Herman’s position is utterly meritless,” Woods says in the docs … before adding, “It is a transparent abuse of the judicial process that undermines the purpose of the federal statute and those whom the statute seeks to protect.”

Woods is now asking a Florida court to force her to abide by the NDA’s arbitration provisions.

As we reported, Woods split with Herman in October after around six years of dating. He claims he told her he was ending things with her, and that she was “no longer welcome” in his home. He said he did provide her with temporary housing and financial support following the breakup.

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Herman, meanwhile, alleges Woods concocted a scheme to get her out of the house by promising her a “short vacation.” When she got to the airport for the trip, she says Tiger’s team told her she’d been “locked out” of the house and could not go back. She said it all violated an agreement they had, which was supposed to last five more years.

Woods said in court docs last week no such agreement existed.

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