Tom Brady Says He Can 'Literally' Play QB 'Til He's 55

Bad news for Tom Brady haters … the quarterback says if he wanted to, he could play in the NFL TEN more years!!!

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers star made the revelation before beating the Eagles on “Thursday Night Football” … saying he could “literally” play until he’s 55 years old.

“I really think I can play as long as I want,” the 44-year-old said to Andrea Kremer and Hannah Storm. “I really do.”

Brady has always maintained that his goal is to be under center until he’s 45 years old … but, lately, he’s talked more and more about getting into his 50s.

The reason? TB12 says his body is just holding up that well.

“My physical body won’t be the problem,” Brady said.

Of course, NFL legend Joe Montana said the same thing earlier this month … claiming because Brady is so physically fit and takes hits so infrequently, he could see him playing into his 60s.

As for if Brady will actually do it, he said probably not … explaining, “I don’t think I will, obviously.”

“I think it’ll just be, I’m just missing too much of life with my family.”

Still, several more years of Brady under center seems inevitable. Deal with it, GOAT haters.

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