Twitter Is Obsessed With Crocodile Loki<\/em> from Loki<\/em> Post-Credits Scene

Any dedicated Marvel fan will tell you there’s a little thrill whenever there’s a scene hidden in the credits. In the movies, scenes could be comical extended scenes, like the Avengers having a post-battle Shawarma meal, or a tease to big events like Avengers: Infinity War, when we saw Thanos grabbing his Infinity Gauntlet at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Finally, Loki has its own post-credits scene to excite viewers for its next episode. After Judge Ravonna Renslayer pruned Loki and the God of Mischief disappeared, fans wondered if their favorite trickster had actually kicked the bucket. Thankfully, the answer was answered a few minutes into the credits.

Loki lands in a new location, wondering if he’s in Norse mythology’s Hel. But unless Hel contains three other versions of Loki, one of whom is carrying an adorably small crocodile, then he’s not dead yet. A small crocodile, you say? Yes. And if Twitter is anything to go by, Marvel fans are excited, confused and ready to fight in the crocodile’s honor. A few have already started calling him “Croki”.

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