Tyler Oakley Trends After His Name Was Considered a ‘Slur’ on Kaceytron’s Twitch Call

Tyler Oakley and fellow YouTube star Joey Graceffa became trending topics on Twitter on late Monday night (March 22) due to something that happened on Twitch streamer Kaceytron‘s call.

It appears that someone called into the live-streamed show and people in the comments section were comparing him to Tyler and Joey, which did not go over well with the caller.

The caller reportedly complained about the comparisons and allegedly said that it was a “slur” to be compared to them.

Tyler noticed he was trending and tweeted, “i’m watching romy & michele’s high school reunion right now & don’t want to pause, why what’s up.”

A fan wrote back, “a problematic guy got mad he was getting called a white gay so people started calling him tyler oakley instead (no offense babe but as another white gay) and he once again got mad.”

Tyler also liked a tweet in which someone said “new slur dropped” after the moment went viral.

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