Vogue Williams reveals son Theodore’s toe nail bed came out and had to be sewn back in after accident

Vogue Williams revealed that her one year old son Theodore pulled a bench on top of his big toe, causing his nail bed to come out and having to be sewn back in.

The 34 year old spent the Christmas and New Year period in St Barth's with her husband, former Made in Chelsea star Spencer Matthews and their son, Theodore.

Vogue has been sharing pictures of adorable little Theodore with his foot bandaged up, and now she has now revealed exactly what happened.

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She wrote on Instagram: “I know he’s my child but I honestly can’t handle how CUTE he is!!! Look at him.

"Lots of you are asking about his toe, well Theodore loves running around and grabbing everything and the other day he pulled a bench on top of his big toe.

"His nail bed came out and had to be sewn back in but he is all good and his stitches come out in a week…”

Vogue’s fans gushed over the little boy and wished him a speedy recovery as one person wrote: “He certainly is adorable – hope his foot heals ok.”

Another said: “Bless him! Hope he recovers quickly xxx”, while a third commented: “Ouch! Poor little thing, amazing how they just bounce back when they are small, so robust! Hope he heals well & back to mischief!”

It comes after Vogue lashed out at Khloe Kardashian for promoting a flat tummy diet shake.

The mother-of-one took to Instagram to share her disapproval of the reality TV star, 35, after she shared a sponsored post for Flat Tummy Shakes.

Khloe had shared a snap of herself in the gym holding up a bottle of the diet product, insisting the drink helped her to “get that tummy back to flat, especially after a super busy holiday season”.

But Vogue was left less than impressed by the post as she shared Khloe’s image in a scathing post on her Instagram story.

The fitness fanatic wrote: “Flat tummy shakes DO NOT WORK! This all done for money, please don't believe it.

“The only way to lose weight is to eat more healthy food and train.”

She added: “Shame on you @khloekardashian you know this is b******t.

“I'm actually a big Kardashian fan but I think what they sell sometimes is disgraceful. Money isn't everything, they have a huge platform and shouldn't be pushing ridiculous products on people who trust them.

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“Instagram has now become a part of my job too and it annoys me when I see anyone being dishonest or selling something they know is awful. I wouldn't do it because it's lying to people!

“I personally buy a lot of things I see on Insta but I'd hate to be duped for the sake of quick buck! (Euro/ Pound)”.

Khloe has previously faced backlash for promoting the brand on social media, and later deleted a post from her page.

Celebrities including actress Jameela Jamil hit out at the star over her post, branding her “irresponsible”.

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