What Happened to Meghan Markle’s ‘Suits’ Character Rachel Zane?

Meghan Markle won’t be reprising her role as Rachel Zane on the final season of Suits, but that doesn’t mean she’s been completely written out of the show!

The 37-year-old royal and her on-screen husband Patrick J. Adams left the series at the end of season seven after their characters got married.

The duo were said to have moved to Seattle to run a firm that takes class action cases against Fortune 500 companies.

Patrick is set to guest star in episode five of the final season, where he’s said Meghan‘s absence will be addressed.

“For Mike, this is just a trip to New York. He’s in Seattle, [Mike and Rachel] are building their life together, it sounds like he’s doing well,” Patrick told ET of their characters.

He continued, “It seems to me like Mike’s in a great place. Whatever is happening in Seattle is really good. There’s phone calls with Rachel saying, ‘Goodbye, I love you,’ and, you know, I think there’s some obvious acknowledgment that she’s still there and a part of the show.”

Suits premieres tonight (July 17) at 9 PM.

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