What Is Amy Roloff’s Net Worth?

Amy Roloff was doing well long before Matt bought the farm.

But Little People, Big World fans are understandably curious: just what is Amy’s net worth?

Amy Roloff is a mother, a grandmother, and for the past fourteen years, she has been a reality star.

She is a fiancee, engaged to Chris Marek. She spent many years as the wife of Matt Roloff.

Amy is also an author and a businesswoman, making her followers very aware of her tasty baked goods.

Not all reality stars are wealthy. In fact, some are only interesting enough to film in the first place because extreme generational poverty has made their lives unrecognizable to most Americans.

That is not the case with Amy or with her family.

When she first joined Little People, Big World, she and Matt were still well off, in part because of Matt’s prior career in tech.

There have been 21 seasons of their hit reality series. The now-exes have used their fame to their advantage.

From Amy’s baked goods to visitors during pumpkin season to Roloff Salsa, they know how to take full advantage of the opportunities that come their way.

So what does this mean for Amy’s bottom line?

According to online estimates, Amy has a total net worth of $4.5 million. In fact, some estimates put Amy closer to $5 million.

Keep in mind that net worth takes into account debts, properties, and non-liquid assets.

Net worth isn’t a money bin of currency. Bank account balances are generally lower than a person’s net worth.

Even so, Amy is clearly an affluent woman.

$4.5 million doesn’t make her “mega rich,” but on par with a fledgling rapper or perhaps a particularly successful dentist.

But Amy’s path to her current net worth isn’t as simple as any one single career move — or solely the result of being Matt’s ex.

Obviously, her marriage to Matt played a huge role.

For the record, Matt’s net worth is also an estimated $4.5 million.

But Amy has her own salary and her own ventures beyond her ex and beyond the farm property that she has sold to him.

Amy’s income from reality TV is unclear, but she is a household name after appearing on 21 seasons.

Online estimates note that stars on an ensemble docuseries about a previously unknown cast usually only make $1,500 to $3000 at the very most per episode.

That’s better than most 90 Day Fiance stars make, but not very much. Of course, that’s just the beginning.

After a few years of success, estimates and insiders say that the Roloffs likely began to make around $7,000 to $10,000 each episode.

Add up the episodes that air each year, and you’re really starting to get somewhere.

These days, the Roloffs are likely making even more, as their show has gone on for so many years and has attracted so many fans.

In 201, Amy released a cookbook. The title was Short and Simple Family Recipes — a cute play on her height.

In 2019, Amy published her autobiography, A Little Me.

Though many authors struggle, a book by a famous person can often provide a new and invigorating revenue stream.

Then, of course, there is Amy’s website, Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen.

She sells merchandise like coffee mugs, tee shirts, hoodies, necklaces, hats, and more.

She also includes recipes and blog posts on the site to drive incoming traffic. Come for the recipes, leave after ordering a new hoodie.

Amy also works as a motivational speaker.

She is a businesswoman, a person of faith, and a little person from a famous family with disabilities in each generation.

It is difficult to imagine someone better equipped to address an audience about overcoming obstacles and being successful.

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