White Lady Confronts Black Neighbors with Stun Gun, Makes Racist Comments

A white woman had the audacity to show up to her Black neighbors’ front door with a Taser in hand … and then scold them for “acting like Black people.”

This went down Monday in the NorCal city of Discovery Bay … in a gated community. The Jones family says their neighbor — an older white woman — wandered up to their porch with her dog in one hand and stun gun in the other!

You have to watch the conversation she has with Gerritt Jones — which he recorded on a security cam — and see how much restraint and respect he showed, despite not receiving any himself.

Long story short, the woman accused him and his family of letting their pit bull roam free and allowing it to go after her tiny pooch … something Gerritt denied. The woman tries telling him to keep their dog inside, but Gerritt says he’s gonna continue walking his dog, because he has every right to do so.

That’s when the woman started telling Gerritt he’s got a Black family in an all-white neighborhood … and they should act accordingly. One of Gerritt’s family members started recording on her phone, and you can see this woman’s stun gun front and center. When asked why she had it, she claimed it was protection from their dog … which wasn’t outside at that time.

Unclear if cops were called, but the Jones family told local media this is the first time they’d experienced blatant racism like this in the area. One family member, Jariell Jones, says they go above and beyond to be good neighbors … making sure to try and appease their white neighbors, which she says makes her sick.

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