Whoopi Goldberg Finally Returns to 'The View' After Sciatica Pain

Whoopi Goldberg returned to The View after calling out of the show. Her absence from the ABC talker was announced by Joy Behar at the top of the hour on Friday, September 24. However, Goldberg’s disappearance was overlooked by a bigger moment when Ana Navarro and Sunny Hostin were asked to leave the show live on-air. Upon the EGOT legend’s return, she explained why she had missed out the previous week.

Why was Whoopi Goldberg gone from the show?

Behar announced that Goldberg had called out of The View last Friday because of pain in her lower back due to sciatica. The co-host had experienced this symptom before which had put her out of the talk show for about a week. Goldberg missing out on the show was overshadowed by the viral moment when Hostin and Navarro walked out of the show after testing positive for coronavirus (COVID-19).

Goldberg missed the whole drama on the set of the talk show and when she returned she updated fans on the status of her health.

“I just want to say I’m happy to be back at the table because I feel like I left y’all on Friday, anything interesting happened?” Goldberg joked. “I have to thank the healthcare folks over at HSS because they literally helped me get back on my feet especially … I couldn’t walk on Friday.”

The Sister Act legend explained that the “squishy stuff broke” between her ribs and she was in a lot of pain. Hostin said that Goldberg had gone into the studio Friday and her “face was so red and swollen.”

“It’s these health care workers that go in and do this amazing stuff and doctors and I can’t thank them enough because literally, I could not walk,” Goldberg reiterated.

‘The View’ star gets supports from fans

After The View posted the video of Goldberg explaining why she had been absent from the show, fans were quick to show their support and express their well-wishes.

“Welcome back Whoopi. You look so happy to be there. I am thrilled to see you,” a fan replied.

“Sounds like a ruptured disc which is painful beyond words. Good to see her walking but those things take time to heal. I hope she does not try to do too much and cause it to flare up again which happens. All the best to her,” a viewer commented.

“Truly understand going through it myself Yes thank the doctor and the medical department that helped you get better, take care,” a YouTube user mentioned.

“We love u, Whoopi; glad to know ur doing better,” another fan said.

“Happy to see Whoopi back. I really love it when everyone is in their seat on the show,” another viewer noted.

“Happy to see Ms. Goldberg back. I have 2 friends that have that sciatic nerve problem. GOD bless you Ms. Goldberg!!!” another YouTube user added.

The View airs weekday mornings at 11 a.m. ET and 10 a.m. PT/CT on ABC.

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