Why Caitlyn Jenner’s frightened mum, 93, wishes she wasn’t doing I’m A Celeb

Caitlyn Jenner's mum has admitted she doesn't think she should be doing I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

Esther Jenner, 93, says she won't be tuning in to watch her famous daughter on the ITV reality show.

Caitlyn's feisty mother, who has featured on her E! show I Am Cait, says there's a very similar show in America called Survivor, and that she refuses to watch that too.

She told MailOnline: "That’s not entertainment to me, to see somebody frightened. I think she could spend a lot more pleasant times on the golf course!

"I’ve tried not to think of Caitlyn being over there [in Australia]. It’s three weeks… a long time to go without hearing from her.

"When she’s in the States she calls me almost every day, so I’ve got to live without hearing her."

Speaking from her home in Idaho, Esther said she understands the show is very mentally challenging and that she wouldn't be able to sleep if she thought too much about what Caitlyn, 70, was going through.

So far, Caitlyn has done a skydive out of a helicopter, been covered in cockroaches and had to have one syringed out of her ear, and had her head locked in a glass bowl full of snakes.

She's also been sleeping on the ground in the Australian jungle and living on a diet of rice and beans.

Esther said when her daughter told her she was going on the show, she made it clear she had never been a fan of the American version either.

Caitlyn took part in the US version back in 2003, when she was known as Bruce before her transition.

When Esther was told about the sort of things stars take on in Bushtucker Trials, she asked the journalist not to tell her because it would "frighten" or "upset" her.

She said it was "better" if she didn't know.

Esther said she's unable to view the show in the US anyway, but that she prefers it that way.

She said she'll simply be waiting by the phone for Caitlyn to call her when she's coming home.

* I'm A Celebrity airs nightly at 9pm on ITV

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