Will and Kate Are Planning to Channel Princess Diana Vibes During Their Boston Visit

It feels like a fundamental law of physics at this point that the closer Prince William and Kate Middleton are, geographically-speaking, to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the more opposite they become (at least in the eyes of royal media/according to goss from anonymous insiders). Next week, the couples will be in closer proximity than they have been since the Queen’s funeral when Will and Kate embark on a three-day trip to the U.S. to, among other things, present the Earthshot Prize in Boston.

Now, since Harry and Meghan will (presumably) be clear across the country in California during the trip, the Former Fab Four won’t even be in the same time zone, let alone the same room together, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t still getting an obligatory, unofficial royal family feud update. After all, the Cambridges Waleses and Sussexes will soon be inhabiting the same continent, so ~sources~ are bound by the First Law of Royal Gossip Physics to take the opportunity to point out how very, very, extremely different the couples are.

Case-in-point: While Will and Kate are scheduled to present the Earthshot Prize, Harry and Meghan are expected to accept a different award (the Robert F. Kennedy Ripple of Hope award) just a few days later. Presenting an award vs. accepting an award? COULD THEY BE LESS ALIKE? (/s)

“It’s not bad to receive an award, but it shows the fundamental difference between [William and Kate] — who have constitutional roles, who are working on behalf of others — versus being a celebrity,” a source described as a “well-placed royal insider” told Page Six of the latest piece of evidence of how ~completely, utterly, drastically opposite~ Will and Harry are.

Meanwhile, another source (or maybe really the same one just described a slightly different way since they’re all anonymous anyway) told Page Six that Will and Kate are planning to channel his late mother, Princess Diana, during the trip by spending time connecting with underrepresented communities (Diana famously met with young AIDS patients in Harlem when she visited NYC in 1989).

“The Prince and Princess didn’t want to come in for the awards show and then leave, they wanted to spend time getting to know communities in Boston,” the insider, described as “a source close to the couple,” added.

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