will.i.am Gets Candid About Kanye Wests Hurtful Disses on Drink Champs

During his appearance on Talib Kweli’s ‘People’s Party’, the Black Eyed Peas singer claims that the Yeezy designer’s remarks about Talib doesn’t sit well with him.

AceShowbizWill.i.am reflected on a lot of things during his appearance on Talib Kweli‘s “People’s Party” podcast. Among things that he discussed, the Black Eyed Peas singer talked about Kanye West‘s explosive interview with Drink Champs.

will.i.am claimed that Ye’s remarks about Talib didn’t sit well with him. “The only times I talk about Ye, I feel conflicted, like a lot of people,” he said. will.i.am added that because he knows Ye on a personal level, he believed that the persona the “Famous” rapper portrays in the public isn’t always how he is behind the scenes.

“He’s different than the person he broadcasts,” he shared. “The broadcasting of Kanye is different than the actual Kanye that you sit and talk to-the sensitive one.”

The “Pump It Harder” star continued, “When these two things exist in the world, the broadcast hurts… You’re like, ‘Yo, that’s my dude.’ One of the things that hurt me on Drink Champs was when he said, ‘I used them.’ That really hurt. I’m like, ‘What? “

will.i.am later questioned why Ye would diss his former collaborator, and that’s when he realized Ye already took aim at Talib on the song they are collaborated in. “Then you hear ‘Get Em High’,” will.i.am said of Ye’s “College Dropout” track with Common and Talib. “If you go to the lyrics…I’m on a hike, taking screenshots like, ‘Yo did you peep the freaking lyrics, bro?’ … There’s evidence in the motherf**king record, my n***a.”

On the song, Kanye’s then-girlfriend Sumeke Rainey plays a character who appears to grill him. “And bring a friend for my friend, his name Kweli,” Ye raps on the track. Kanye then spits some bars about getting Kweli to rap for the woman he’s interested in. “Yo Kwe’, she don’t believe me, please pick up the line/ She gon’ think that I’m lyin’, just spit a couple of lines/ Then maybe I’ll be able to give her d**k all the time and get her high,” he continues rapping.

Ye dissed Talib when he appeared on “Drink Champs”, on which he admitted to “using” Talib on “Get Em High”, last year. When N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN asked Ye to pick between Common and Talib, the Yeezy designer said, “My opinion is that everybody knows that Common [is better]. Man, you can’t tell me what I’m going through in my life. … If you take the average 99 percent of people and say, ‘Do you wanna be Kweli or do you wanna be Ye?’ More people are gonna wanna be Ye, Kweli.”

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