Zayn Malik Cops Plea to Harassing Gigi Hadid, Allegedly Shoved Yolanda

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Zayn Malik said Thursday his dispute with Yolanda Hadid was a “private matter,” but we’ve learned it actually became a public matter, as in Zayn was charged with crimes against Gigi and Yolanda Hadid and ended up copping a plea.

Zayn was charged with 4 criminal offenses of harassment and, although one official doc says he pled guilty to one, court officials tell us he actually pled no contest.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Zayn was at Gigi and Zayn’s Pennsylvania home on Sept. 29 and got into a nuclear argument. He allegedly called Yolanda a “f***ing Dutch slut,” ordered her to “stay away from [my] f***ing daughter.” He said this, although it’s hard to know why, “the f***ing sperm that came out of [my] f***ing c***.”

He then allegedly “shoved her [Yolanda] into a dresser causing mental anguish and physical pain.” Zayn denies any physical contact.

As for the charge that he harassed Gigi, according to court docs, he screamed at her, “strap on some f***ing balls and defend your partner against your f***ing mother in my house.” Sources with direct knowledge tell us Gigi was actually in Paris, but Zayn allegedly said this to her on a phone call during the incident.

There was a security guard on hand, and according to the docs, Zayn screamed, “Get the f*** out of my f***ing house, copper.” The docs say Zayn tried to fight the guard.

Zayn pled no contest Wednesday to harassment and was fined, but with conditions. He’s on 90 days probation for each count, totaling 360 days. He also must complete an anger management class and a domestic violence program. He must have no contact with Yolanda or the security guard.

Assuming all conditions are satisfied after 6 months, the judge could terminate probation.

As we reported, Zayn and Gigi broke up around the time of the incident. They share a 1-year-old daughter together.

We broke it all down in the latest episode of The TMZ Podcast.

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