15 Pictures That Perfectly Capture How Incredibly Hot It Is Across Europe

1.In case you didn’t know, Western Europe is currently in the midst of a blistering heatwave.

2.It’s so hot that weather maps look like they’re actually on fire…

3.…and meteorologists have taken to wearing shorts live on air.

4.The Eiffel Tower basically became a waterpark.

5.Meanwhile, these Parisians set up a pool in the middle of the street.

6.Candles are melting.

7.As are people’s shoes.

8.Train tracks are buckling and combusting…

9.…leaving thousands of people stranded.

10.Commuters in London have given up on clothes…

11.And Underground train platforms are positively sizzling.

12.They’re having to water the asphalt at the airport to keep it from deforming!

13.And firefighters are having to hose down TV cables to keep them from melting.

14.In western France, riverbeds have dried up.

15.And finally, in Germany, beaches reached peak capacity as people cooled off the only way they knew how.

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