15 Things That We THOUGHT Were Priceless But, Turns Out, They're Actually Worthless

Whether it be signed sports memorabilia, family heirlooms, or lucky tchotchkes, everybody has items in their possession that they believe to be worth A LOTTA CASH!

WELL, pump the brakes, people, because Reddit user TheRedWarrior137 asked the pawn shop employees of the world, “What is something people think is collectible or worth a lot of money, but is actually relatively worthless?” Lemme tell ya, these replies will have you clutching your pearls.

Here are some of the most shocking responses:

1.Swarovski crystals

“People don’t seem to understand that it’s glass and not some kind of semi-precious gem. That said, their beads are high quality and it shows in your work if you do that kind of stuff. But I can imagine that they’re worthless to a pawn shop!”


2.Used laptops

“I used to flip computers and people could not understand that their used, broken computers were not worth the $500 they originally paid for it.”



“[We] get a ton of people bringing TVs in thinking they’re going to get 100+ dollars, but the market is so oversaturated, you’re most likely gonna get less than $50 even for your 60-inch TV.”


4.State quarters

“A full set of state quarters. So many grandmas think a full book with all the state quarters are priceless. They’re worth exactly as much as 50 x 0.25.”


5.Diamond rings

“Yeah you paid thousands, but it’s worth considerably less.”


6.Autographed baseball memorabilia

“Baseball autographs after 1935. Willie Mays, Ted Williams, Mickey Mantle… yeah they signed thousands of things.”



“…Even if it’s from a major brand like Gibson or Fender…most guitars lose 50% of their value the moment you purchase them.”


8.China sets

“Just a friendly reminder that no one wants to buy your great-grandmother’s china set.”



“Almost all of it is just plated. And even 90% silver is not worth much unless you’ve got some weight.”



“So many people couldn’t grasp that if we are selling a book for $3, it means we would buy it for way less than that. They’d haul in a box of trash expecting a grand payday.”



“Brands like Fossil, Michael Kors, Citizen, etc. cost you over $100 at stores like Macy’s, but we typically sell them for about $40 (even in like-new condition). When something goes from New to Used, the value of said item goes down a lot.”


12.Beanie Babies

“[There] are piles of them in thrift stores and pawn shops. It’s all worthless.”


13.Comic books

“They’re usually not worth more than a couple bucks unless you go really far back, like ’50s and ’60s. Even then, they need to be in excellent condition — a few scuffs around the edges and a bit of fading can easily make a $1000 book worth $50.”


14.Vinyl records

“People think that old records are worth a lot but they’re just taking up space. Only rare and highly sought after records have value.”


15.Finally, anything considered a “collectable” item:

“‘Collectible’ items. Just because your Dale Earnhardt 2-in-1 bidet and water bottle says it’s ‘collectible’ doesn’t mean that anyone wants it.”


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