17 Boyfriends Who Managed To Screw Up Their One Job

1.This boyfriend who apparently wanted to make a roll for a dog:

2.This boyfriend who doubled as a photo editor:

3.This boyfriend who saw an opportunity that he shouldn’t have taken:

4.This boyfriend who tried, I guess:

5.This boyfriend who should never be left alone with a sandwich ever again:

6.This boyfriend who disrespected chocolate like this:

7.This boyfriend who didn’t know the meaning of privacy:

And if you’re wondering why they didn’t just add a door, the Redditor said they didn’t have a door jam at the time and that the curtain was supposed to be a temporary fix.

8.This boyfriend who hopefully didn’t chew on those eyelashes later:

9.And this boyfriend who donated his girlfriend’s eyelashes to nature:

10.This boyfriend who should hang this in a museum:

11.This boyfriend who came up with a cute solution:

12.This boyfriend who wasn’t even close:

13.This boyfriend who butchered a watermelon:

14.This boyfriend who just had a simple word misunderstanding:

15.This boyfriend who created shampoo bottle chaos:

16.This boyfriend who was left with moist clothes:

17.And finally, this boyfriend who created something this world doesn’t need:

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