18 Dentist Offices That Deserve A Round Of Applause For Their Creativity

1.This dentist office has a Where’s Waldo photo on the ceiling so you can search while you’re being worked on.

2.Or this TV built into the ceiling of this office.

3.This dentist offers a menu of comforting amenities.

4.This office has a vending machine filled with dental products.

5.This dentist office has boxes showcasing the amounts of hidden sugar in different items.

6.This dentist office has a candy jar filled with toothpaste for patients to take.

7.This dentist lets you choose what flavor they use during your cleaning.

8.This dentist office has floss built into their business cards.

9.This clever dentist office made the Wi-Fi password, “2thDoctor.”

10.This office has a station to play Nintendo 64 games in the waiting room.

11.Meanwhile, this dentist office has a miniature arcade with multiple options, including Guitar Hero.

12.The bike rack outside of this office looks like it’s being squeezed out of a toothpaste tube.

13.This dentist gives patients a toothbrush with the month of their next appointment plastered on it.

14.This office offers a bunch of portable phone chargers so you can keep your devices running without being stuck by an outlet.

15.This office has an adorable tooth fairy door to amuse the children.

16.This office leaves bird feeders right outside the window so you can watch ’em fly around while you’re in the chair.

17.This dentist office that’s surrounded by a fence that looks like teeth.

18.And finally, this dentist office that even managed to make a car tow warning punny.

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