21 Things That Make You Explode With Anger Even Though They're Really NBD

This week, a viral Reddit thread asked users: “What’s a mild inconvenience that drives you fucking crazy?”

Here are some of the most painfully REAL responses that people submitted:

1.“My earbuds being caught by their cord behind something and then getting yanked out of my ears. Infuriating.”


2.“Dropping your keys trying to open the door. It always happens at the worst possible times, like when you gotta piss real bad, or your hands are full with bags.”


3.“Getting all comfortable in bed, well-positioned and everything, then realizing you forgot something in the living room/kitchen and having to get up and get it.”


4.“When someone opens my door, comes into my room for a few seconds, and then leaves the damn door open.”


5.“When the part of the song I want to hear is interrupted with navigation directions.”


6.“Long introductions on YouTube videos. Like, get to the point. I don’t need you to read the product label or tell me what you were thinking in Target when you purchased it.”


7.“At work, the bathroom stalls can be locked (obviously) and there’s a small red sign to indicate that it’s occupied. Nevertheless, there are always people trying to open the door just to make sure that it’s really in use. It drives me nuts. Can’t you let me shit in peace?”


8.“Realizing your phone charger wasn’t plugged in properly before going to bed. Now I have to take a full hour sitting around in the morning waiting for it to charge? Get fucked.”


9.“When you can’t plug something into a power strip because the plugs are too big and the outlets are too close together.”


10.“When two people in a store stop, carts side by side, and block the entire aisle just to have a conversation.”


11.“When my bluetooth doesn’t connect in the car. It makes me want to stab my phone even though it’s not a big deal at all.”


12.“When you wash your face in the bathroom sink and the water trickles down your arms towards your elbows.”


13.“Drivers who don’t signal when changing lanes. It doesn’t even take a second.”


14.“Flies landing and walking on my skin. One of the most annoying things IMO.”


15.“Clicking on a button, except the button jumps just as you’re clicking and you click the wrong button instead. This happens often when an app opens a new window and it takes time to fill up all the contents.”


16.“Socks that are too loose, especially at the ankles.”


17.“Apparently I am the exact height to have my pockets get caught on my drawers in the kitchen. I swear my basketball shorts will reach for the drawer handles and grab them. Makes me see red.”


18.“People in the passing lane who match speeds with the car next to them, rather than…I don’t know…fucking passing them, as intended?”


19.“ATM fees. I will walk to another one, even if it’s ages away, just to avoid paying a fee. Even if I’m wildly inconvenienced in the process. Yes, I know it’s petty.”


20.“People not clearing the time left on a microwave.”


And finally…

21.“USB sticks/cords. I objectively know that it can’t be true, but it seems they NEVER face the right way in the first attempt to use them.”


So, what tiny little nuisances drive YOU up a wall? Air your grievances in the comments…

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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