24 Hilarious "30 Rock" Moments Guaranteed To Make You Laugh Every Time

1.When Liz went to the doctor for a check up.

2.When she supported Jenna through her personal problems.

3.When Tracy had total confidence in himself.

4.When Jack stayed true to his big personality.

5.And when Tracy and Jenna were anything but problem solvers.

6.When Liz couldn’t understand where Jack and Tracy were coming from.

7.When Kenneth had an important question about Spongebob Squarepants.

8.When Liz analyzed her fashion choices.

9.When Jack tried to pull a power move on Liz.

10.And when Liz wanted to avoid dating at all costs.

11.When Kenneth let his religious views take over.

12.When Tracy catfished Liz.

13.When Jenna felt threatened at work.

14.When Liz felt anxious before going to a party.

15.When Tracy stood up for himself in the most Tracy way.

16.When Jenna’s inner monologue got the best of her.

17.When Kenneth was the best page NBC had ever seen.

18.When Liz worked on her night cheese.

19.And when she fell hard for Gavin Volure.

20.When Jenna was supportive in the only way she know how.

21.When Jack didn’t hold back his opinions.

22.When Liz was honest about her TV show preferences.

23.When Liz went THROUGH IT after a bad break up.

24.And when Jack and Liz had a long week at work.

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