Answer's Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Boxing Grips Look An Awful Lot Like Knuckledusters

Japan’s Answer gaming accessories brand has just released the pre-order for two Joy-Con accessories made for boxing and fitness games.

Also to be used in a number of Nintendo Switch fighting games, the ABS plastic grip attaches to the Joy-Con and sees four finger holes for a secure fit. The description also reads that the Boxing Grip is quite durable. Given its shape, the sale of this product could be prohibited outside of Japan for fear of it being used as a weapon as it does look quite similar to brass knuckles.

Priced at ¥1,078 JPY (approximately $9.80 USD) the Answer Joy-Con Boxing Grip can be found now over at its online store.

In other gaming news, a rare Nintendo Kirby e-Reader card from E3 2002 has popped up on eBay.
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