Audio-Technica Returns With Modernized Edition of Classic Sound Burger Turntable

Audio-Technica is ringing in its 60th anniversary with the launch of two new record players.

For the first turntable, the audio brand has reissued its acclaimed Sound Burger 40 years after its initial debut. Taking on the same 1980s-style aesthetic, the Burger has been revamped with Bluetooth connectivity and USB-C charging. The Burger comes with a bright red arm emblazoned with the Sound Burger logo.

Alongside the vintage-inspired Sound Burger, Audio-Technica introduces the contemporary AT-LP2022. The square turntable juxtaposes shiny metal mechanisms with a square, clear base. The chassis is constructed of acrylic and vinyls are spun using Audio-Technica’s fine-tuned Shibata stylus. As a limited-edition collector’s item, only 3,000 units of the AT-LP2022 are available.

The new Sound Burger is available beginning today starting at $229 USD (£200GBP). The AT-LP2022 launches this winter starting at $1,146 USD (£999 GBP).

In other tech news, Apple is reportedly planning to launch its M2 MacBook Pros in early 2023.
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