Celeb couple Kevin Cheng and Grace Chan spoof K-drama The World Of The Married poster

If there is to be a Hong Kong version of hit K-drama The World Of The Married, actors Kevin Cheng and Grace Chan can surely be considered.

The celerity couple looked the part when they filmed a shampoo advertisement and spoofed an iconic poster featuring the leads Park Hae-joon and Kim Hee-ae.

The South Korean TV series, which is also called A World Of Married Couple, is a show about marital infidelity and an adaptation of the well-received BBC drama Doctor Foster (2015 to present).

Cheng, 51, and Chan, 29, married in 2018 and they have two sons – Rafael, who was born in February 2019, and Yannick, born in July.

In a video of the advertisement posted on social media on Friday (Sept 4), Chan wrote in Cantonese: “Did you watch the popular K-drama The World Of The Married? There was an unforgettable scene when the woman found a strand of hair, which was not hers, on her husband.

“But our version is different. I was very worried when I suffered hair loss during my pregnancy (I believe many mothers do not know what to do like me). However, after the first experience, I knew how to take care of my hair during my second pregnancy.

“If you see my husband’s expression, you will know: Hair loss? Nothing to be afraid of.”

Cheng posted a photo of the spoofed poster on social media, where he was seen carrying a bottle of shampoo while holding his wife’s leg, emulating Park’s character in the poster.

He wrote: “Don’t be worried, my wife. Only one strand of hair has fallen. I know how to deal with it.”

Their good friend, actress Selena Lee, joked that Cheng looked like he was offering a drink of shampoo to Chan.

This was the first time Cheng and Chan, who met on the set of supernatural TV drama Blue Veins in 2016, have filmed an advertisement together. Netizens asked if they would be filming a sequel to Blue Veins or a Hong Kong version of The World Of The Married.

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