Channel 4’s The Gathering is the new gripping crime drama from the producers of Line of Duty

Written by Amy Beecham

Get ready for The Gathering, a twisty tale of what can go wrong when children are controlled by their parents.

While it’s not officially the end of summer yet, you’ll bet we’ve already started compiling our perfect autumn watchlists, full of gritty true crimes and suspenseful dramas to help us pass those slightly chillier nights. If you’re like us, you’ll already have The Capture, Taboo and Ridley et al on your to-watch radar, but allow us to introduce a new contender into the fold: The Gathering.

Channel 4 have just commissioned the new six-part dramafrom acclaimed writer and director, Helen Walsh, the brains behind Brass and Once Upon a Time in England. What’s more, the series will be produced by the award-winning World Productions (you know, the one behind supreme fan-favourites like Line of Duty, Save Me and Vigil) part of ITV Studios.

Is your interest suitably piqued? Let us share everything we know about the twisty series so far.

What will The Gathering be about?

According to the official synopsis, The Gathering centres around a violent attack on a teenage girl during a rave on a tidal islet. Set on Merseyside, the drama focuses on a group of teens from disparate backgrounds, each of whom could have committed the crime, along with their parents – who give equal cause for suspicion.

Kelly, the series’ main protagonist and the victim of the attack, straddles the very different worlds of two groups of teens portrayed in the series. She is an accomplished tumbling gymnast, well on the pathway to Team GB but at odds with her teammates and their ultra-competitive parents. By contrast, Kelly also rolls with a group of urban free-runners, whose reckless lifestyle and exuberant free-spirit is at odds with the discipline and restrictions Kelly experiences in the tightly controlled world of competitive sport.

“I wanted to write a twisty, state-of-the-nation take on Philip Larkin’s notorious “they fuck you up” observation about parents and kids,” creator Helen Walsh, explains.

“In an era where the micro-managing of children’s lives has become the new normal, The Gathering throws today’s surveillance parenting into sharp focus and asks who is really to blame when our kids fuck up. I’m thrilled to be working with the excellent team at Channel 4 and World Productions and look forward to seeing the kinetic worlds of free-running and tumbling gymnastics brought to our screens.”

Who will star in The Gathering?

A cast has yet to be announced, so it seems we’ll need to wait a little longer to find out just who we’re going to be seeing on our screens. Channel 4 have cryptically announced that casting details will be “shared in due course”.

When and where can I watch The Gathering?

Unsurprisingly, the early stage of production means that no expected release date has been shared at this time. However, we’ll be sure to update this piece as soon as we receive any further details.

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