Ciara Is Absolutely Mesmerizing in This Topless Dance Video Showing Off Her Balance

Ciara is taking her Ten To One Rum investment very seriously and she’s probably selling a lot of bottles this holiday season after sharing an amazing video showing off her dance talents. The singer is challenging her followers to also join in on the fun and see if they can match her skills of strength.

The clip starts with Ciara’s back facing the camera, wearing only a bikini bottom and an orange sarong while on the beach. (See the video HERE.) CKay’s song “love nwantiti” plays in the background as she begins a sultry twerk while a bottle of alcohol balances on her head — her hands aren’t even touching the rum. Wait, did we mention that she’s doing this from a squatting position? Our thighs are burning at the thought of even attempting this challenge. But Ciara threw down the gauntlet with a simple, “She Got Balance” in the caption. There was definitely one person who loved this post: husband Russell Wilson, who commented, “see you later tonight after work hahaha.”

Besides serving up a steamy internet moment, Ciara is also sharing body positivity. She spoke freely about her weight loss journey after having her third baby in 2020 because she had been “extremist” about her diet in the past. The “Like A Boy” singer has been giving herself more grace and giving her body a little more TLC the third time around. “I’ve been loving my curves, even though I’m like ‘Okay, this is not quite my normal flow’ I still feel so confident it doesn’t matter,” she told Cosmopolitan. “It doesn’t matter if there’s more of my hips to hold on to. I think, especially as a woman, it’s important for us to be able to feel like that. There’s nothing better.”

And it looks like Ciara hasn’t missed a beat as a wife, mother, entrepreneur — and the balance challenge winner.

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