Coda FW20 Demonstrates Dynamic Proportion Play

Hong Kong label Coda creates wearable garments of quality and progressive shape, toying with proportion by way of exaggerated and cropped cuts. Fall/Winter 2020, held up by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, explores that realm further, utilizing thoughtful adjustable detailing to refine the dense layers.

Oversized sweaters sport cavernous sleeves and dropped shoulders, while graphic tees are finished with buttoned sleeves and zippered collars so as to display the garments beneath. This kind of clever interplay between top and bottom-most clothing informs the styles that appear throughout the collection, as plenty of short-length jackets drape over enormous shirts to great effect.

If one resists the urge to experiment with cropped styling, there are plenty of weighty textiles — wool and gabardine, especially — ideal for resisting cool temperatures. Trousers are comparatively understated, rendered black and cropped, to either emphasize adventurous garment stacking or allow for a simplified approach.

Shop Coda’s FW20 goods on GRAPH LAYER’s website.

Over in Singapore, SMG recently introduced its cyberpunk-inspired Fall/Winter 2021 collection.
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